Cacao Energy Balls

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, we really enjoyed visiting a Cacao plantation. We received a wealth of knowledge from our talented guides on the life cycle of cacao fruits and the process of making cacao powder. Cacao powder has many nutritional benefits and is a rich source of iron, magnesium and calcium. We were surprised to find that cacao powder contains 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries! I absolutely love using cacao powder in raw desserts or simply enjoying a cup of vegan hot chocolate using cacao on cold evenings.

Cacao energy balls are the perfect bite-sized dessert that keep you satisfied without any added fats or sugars. The energy balls get their crunch from the nuts, fiber from oats, sweetness from dates, and omega-3’s from hemp seeds. They provide energy to the body, help in building lean muscle mass, and aid in weight management.

Whether you are looking for a quick snack on the run or a protein-packed after workout treat, these cacao energy balls are the perfect solution!

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Papri Chaat

Papri chaat is the one of the most savory and popular street foods of New Delhi, India.  It is an unique appetizer that is crisp, tangy, sweet and umami flavor all in one bite.  When visiting New Delhi, you can find this chaat on the menu of street vendors, restaurants, and wedding parties whether causal or upscale.

A chaat is typically a crispy base topped with yogurt, spices, toppings, and the chutneys.  This vegan take on chaat gets crunch from the papris, creaminess from the vegan yogurt, spicy/salty notes from the chili powders, freshness/color from the toppings and the great umami flavor from the coriander-mint and date chutneys.

Try it just once and get hooked forever like me!

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Date Chutney

A sweet date chutney is a perfect pairing to chaats and all Indian appetizers.  Date chutneys are also a healthy alternative to traditional tamarind chutneys that can be tangy and inflammatory.  Dates are rich in potassium, magnesium, manganese, and copper.  They provide an array of vitamins such as A, B, B-6, and C.  I absolutely love dates and use them in many recipes including salads and desserts.

This chutney is a perfect balance of natural sugar and spice.  The Medjool dates are cooked with warm spices like ginger and cumin and sweetened with jaggery powder (made with raw sugarcane juice); while the degi mirch (Indian red chili) provides the contrasting heat and color.

If you love dates, please also give Taaza’s yummy mini cheesecakes a try (find recipe here)


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