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Vegan Ricotta Shells with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce

Ricotta stuffed shells with a creamy pumpkin sauce is a perfect dish when you are craving Italian food and fall flavors together. Easy and creamy homemade vegan ricotta is delicately filled in the brown rice shells and baked in the pumpkin sauce that is so delicious and comforting!

The inspiration behind this dish came from our love for pastas and pumpkins. Every fall season, we try to experiment vegan dishes incorporating diverse root vegetables and different kinds of squashes. While we absolutely love pumpkin in desserts and coffee, this is a great savory version perfect to serve on weekday dinners or saturday nights!

Happy Fall y’all!

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Vegan Spelt Pancakes

Are you looking for a healthy yet delicious pancake recipe? Look no further, these vegan spelt pancakes are divine indulgence of fluffy, moist, delicious and nourishing breakfast/ brunch options without a guilt. My kids love eating pancakes anytime of the day and nothing makes me happy to serve them pancakes made with the right ingredients that are tasty yet beneficial to their health. The store bought mixtures and restaurants batters are highly processed with white flour, eggs, dairy products, preservatives and sugars. My daily and creative experiments led me to this super successful recipe that is fit for our dietary needs and makes everyone smile!

The various vegan toppings definitely add to the taste and charm of pancake eating. Vegan whip creams, colorful berries, creamy almond or nut butters, maple syrup or sugar snowflakes are all yummy and perfect compliment to these mouth watering pancakes!

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Asparagus and Wild Mushroom Risotto

Do you enjoy making risotto at home? This rich, warm and creamy risotto is made with flavorful homemade mushroom broth, miso, sauteed asparagus, mushroom medley and Sauvignon Blanc. Although I traditionally make risotto on the stovetop in 30 minutes (so worth the time) I have also experimented making it in the Instant Pot and it turned out equally delicious!

The star of the dish is the homemade mushroom broth that can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator. The earthiness and creaminess of this dish is beyond words! We enjoy garnishing with crushed red pepper, parsley, vegan parmesan and a splash of balsamic vinegar!

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