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Pitaya Chia Seed Pudding Jars

One of our favorite snack or dessert option is Chia seed pudding. Whether you pack chia seed pudding for school lunch , make it for a party or take it to go-it always seem to please everyone. Well if you ask- what’s so special about it? I love how easy, beautiful and healthy they are! The chia seeds absorb all the liquids and plump up to give a creamy and satisfying bite! Playing with various colors and textures leads you to endless topping possibilities!

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Easy Vegan and Gluten-Free Crepes

My first bite of a sweet Parisian crepe was a revelation- I remember how much I loved those soft, fluffy and Nutella filled crepes holding in a cone and walking down the Champs Elysees  with my better half!

It took me a while to master the vegan and gluten-free crepes as most batters have dairy, eggs and refined flour. But I didn’t give up and kept experimenting for few consecutive days until I nailed a batter that had a perfect consistency and will spread smoothly to achieve soft crepes.

Sipping lavender tea and enjoying these delicious vegan and gluten-free crepes drizzled with creamy homemade nutella transported me back to Paris where we celebrated our first anniversary during the Christmas holidays and some of my most cherished memories!

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Homemade Nutella

Are you a Nutella lover like me? Do you want to indulge into a heavenly chocolate spread that is guilt free – you have to give this homemade vegan nutella a try!

My first taste of Nutella was in Singapore when my Uncle made me try on a piece of bread. I must admit it was so tasty! But when I turned vegan and starting education myself about checking the ingredients, I realized how bad Nutella was for your health! Loaded with sugar, palm oil, dairy and artificial flavors in a bite- I decided to look for healthy alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth.

And to my surprise this homemade nutella is made with just 5 ingredients is so close in taste or even better in my opinion. Try pairing it with our vegan and gluten-free crepes and you will be amazed with the creamy and amazingly rich taste!

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