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Sunshine salad with Ranch Dressing

Salads are great energy boosters and when packed with nutritious ingredients, it’s one step closer to healthy eating. Our family love eating salads for lunch everyday. They are high in fiber and antioxidants but low in calories and fats( when no extra oil is added). I absolutely love making artistic salads everyday using colorful and well balanced fruits and vegetables. Salads are a great way keep hunger satisfied much longer yet giving a full dose of nutrition.

Sunshine salad is a simple, crunchy and colorful salad. When tossed with herb ranch dressing it’s very creamy and satisfying. Sprouts are superfoods that keeps our immunity strong and heart healthy. There are many types of sprouts available in the market for adding variety to your plate. Cutting fruits and vegetables into different shapes or using spiralizer makes eating salad a fun and trendy experience in all age groups.

The ranch dressing is a great addition to the kitchen recipes. It can be made in seconds ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator. For a variation, try adding different types of herbs like cilantro or basil. For a kick of spice try adding little serrano pepper to the ranch dressing!

“When we eat mindfully, we pay more attention to what we eat and savor every bite”


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Red Bell Pepper Chutney

An exciting and nutritious red bell pepper chutney is a new favorite edition in our kitchen! We love eating South Indian food and this chutney pairs extremely well with dosa’s, Idli’s, paratha’s, theple’s, sandwiches or any Indian appetizer. It’s so easy to prepare that I have been making batches after batches every week. It also comes very handy when kids are hungry for snack or simply want to eat an Indian taco/sandwich. My ultimate favorite way to enjoy this chutney is with south Indian potatoes, fresh fenugreek theple’s and hot masala chai!!

The Aroma’s of roasted bell pepper, fresh curry leaves, dry chili, onion and garlic give this chutney a distinctive and delicious taste. When combined with almonds and roasted lentils, the chutney becomes nutty and creamy. Try it for yourself and you would get addicted like us!!


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Red Thai Curry

Thai food is a combination of delicious aroma, vibrant colors and exotic spices. The method of preparing Thai food is very easy, simple, low in fat, incorporates colorful vegetables and fresh herbs. It inspires me to make it every week as part of following a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

Red Thai Curry is a traditional dish bringing flavors of lemongrass, lime juice, ginger, chillies in a rich and delicious coconut broth. Fresh Thai basil enhances the taste and add fragrance to the curry. Serve it with hot jasmine rice and it’s total winner with the family and guests.

Although red curry paste cans are available in market , they are no comparison to home-made pastes prepared with fresh ingredients. Easy to make Thai curry paste can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks.  Next time you crave Thai food, make it in your kitchen with fresh ingredients and vegetables of your choice!





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