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Creamy Poblano Dressing

Poblano peppers are mild peppers that come from the Puebla region of Mexico. They are widely used in Mexican and Tex-Mex cooking due to their tremendous flavor when roasted. Roasting creates the peppers’ smokey, yet fruity flavors.  Not only are Poblano peppers low in calories, they provide high amounts of Vitamin C and B-6.

This elegant, earthy, and finger-licking dressing pairs perfectly with a myriad of Southwestern dishes and salads. Creamy, luscious and made with no added oils, you will be searching for ways to incorporate this dressing into every dish!


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Vegan Dal Makhani

A favorite dish of every Indian household – Dal Makhni. This staple of North Indian cuisine can be found in Indian street-side diners to high-end restaurants. As a North Indian, I have many memories of enjoying this savory dish growing up in India. But after turning vegan, I missed Dal Makhni because it is traditionally cooked with large amounts of butter and heavy cream.  I decided to re-invent this special dish without using the heavy amounts of dairy – the question was, will it still retain that rich, creamy, and flavorful profile? I think you will be amazed at how great dairy-free Dal Makhni can be!

This Dal Makhani is made with only 1 tbsp vegan butter and garnished with vegan creamer. The secret to the great taste is cooking the dal slowly for long periods of time letting the flavors of garlic, ginger, and dry fenugreek leaves permeate the dish. Paired with crispy Laccha Paratha (layered Indian bread) and Tandoori Aloo, I am transported back to the streets of Punjab. Try this vegan version of Dal Makhni and fall in love with Northern India!

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Creamy Vegan Pesto Tortellini Pasta

Pesto is such a versatile sauce that pairs beautifully with sandwiches, pizzas, grilled vegetables and pastas. But sadly the ready made pesto sauces are loaded with parmesan cheese and huge amounts of olive oil, totally unfit for vegans and anyone watching their weight like us.

Our Vegan pesto is creamy, garlicky, super delicious and best of all made with very little extra virgin olive oil. If you want to omit the olive oil that’s totally fine too! We love making fresh pesto every week and store in the refrigerator for quick use as needed. For fun variations, we sometimes use walnuts/ pine nuts instead of cashews and it’s heavenly too!

One of the recent finds in the grocery store was the plant-based tortellini shells filled with almond ricotta and they literally ready under 5 minutes.Digging a bite into these delicate tortellini shells covered with vegan pesto, juicy roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh torn basil leaves, chilli flakes and crushed black pepper is like happiness on a plate!!



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