“Genes are not our final destiny, they only play a small percentage of a role in determining chronic diseases” – T. Colin Campbell.

Human beings are the creators of their own destiny, by the choices they make. Nutrition, exercise levels, stress, and alcohol all effect our health and if kept unchecked, can lead to suffering and chronic diseases.

A world leading surgeon, Dr. Kristi Funk mentioned that “Nutrition is the number one contributor to breast cancer risk”. Consuming animal proteins causes cancer. As more and more physicians are learning the benefits of a plant-based vegan diet, they are educating people to eat a healthy, vegan diet full of organic fruits and vegetables and not relying on surgeries/mastectomy (as in case of Angelina Jolie) to prevent cancer. Dr. Kristi Funk suggests that slogans like “everything in moderation” is misleading in terms of eating meat and dairy. She and her family are 100% vegan.

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