My husband and I had the most special and memorable culinary experience at Miraval resort recently.

Miraval is a wellness retreat at the base of Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona. The food is inventive with fresh and diverse flavors that showcase the creativity of the whole culinary team. Their farm-to-table restaurant, Cactus Flower, has a daily changing menu featuring special vegan entrees that we absolutely loved. The chefs delivered soul-touching and highly nutritious food, while keeping calories, salt, and sugar levels to a surprising minimum.

We were thrilled to celebrate our anniversary at the Chef’s Table one evening. Chef Gabe Nabor, who was one of the most humble and talented people we have encountered at the resort, prepared a four-course menu for us along with incredible wine pairings.

The first course was a sweet potato soup infused with dashi (Japanese stock made with seaweed) and garnished with fresh dill. Creamy and silky, the Japanese flavors in this soup made us crave for more after every sip.

The second course was chickpeas cooked in tomato sauce served over pearl couscous and garnished with cucumber and parsley salad.

The third course was a perfectly cooked cauliflower steak with sambhal-infused, roasted eggplant and finished with watercress salad and carrot cinnamon sauce.

The dessert was the highlight of the dinner. Chocolate pudding, garnished with spiced cashews, edible flowers, and topped with house-made coconut ice cream. Mmmm!

Along with the delectable food, we loved the opportunity to enjoy dinner in the middle of the bustling kitchen witnessing all the passion and energy that goes into the food at Miraval.

Thanks Chef Gabe!