Cooking ClassesLearn how to prepare healthy, whole-food, and plant-based meals by Chef Nita Jain.  TaazaTable’s group cooking classes are a wonderful way to learn new skills, experience unique vegan recipes, and make new friends.  Each 2-hour session will include preparation of the items for the session’s menu, time for questions, and of course, sampling the delicious food we have prepared.  TaazaTable’s cooking classes are lots of fun, whether you are a seasoned plant-based cook or just beginning your plant-based journey!

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What My Students Say

Hi Nita! I absolutely loved taking your class! Yes, of course, you have my highest recommendation. I have been on cloud nine ever since your class! We had some friends stay over our house and I was inspired to make them some delicious food and everyone was so impressed and dazzled with the wonderful flavors and presentation. I am making your stuffed shells tonight for a Friendsgiving dinner and I’m so excited to share some more delicious food!


Heather Beloff

Hi Nita! My thoughts about your class; Nita creates a Plant-based Cooking Experience. What separates Nita’s class from cookbooks or online videos – Nita invites students to work hand in hand to prep, mix, and cook. I took away more from one of Nita’s classes than any cookbook or online video. Nita’s classes are the only place to learn Plant-based cooking from the Mid-Atlantic’s Premier Plant-based Chef.


Tal White

“As the Program Director for Sentara Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, I found it beyond helpful to participate in the Taaza Table cooking class. Nita adeptly demonstrated how to make an amazing Mexican meal using no oil and added fat that was easy to prepare and delicious. Taaza Table is a great resource for those seeking to move to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.”

Sharon B. Henley, Sentara Ornish Lifestyle Medicine