Sprouted Moong Lentils is one of the healthiest foods available; a true superfood.  They taste great in salads, in sandwiches, or in a variety of different dishes.

The sprouting process shared below enhances the nutritional value of any grain, bean, or legume. Sprouted moong lentils have many important vitamins and minerals which boost the immune system as well as iron to promote blood circulation.  They also contain high levels of fiber and enzymes that help in digestion. They promote good skin and hair while reducing acidity and inflammation due to their alkaline composition.

No wonder sprouts are a true superfood! With this easy process, you can cultivate all the health benefits of these delicious sprouts at home.  Enjoy!


Prep time:

Servings: 4-6


1 cup green moong lentils (available at most asian grocery stores)


  1. Wash 1 cup green moong lentils and place them in a container.  Add warm water to make sure the lentils are fully submerged overnight

  2. The next morning, discard all the water and wash them well again

  3. You can either wrap the lentils in a wet muslin cloth or paper towel and place them in a tight container

  4. Leave the container aside for 1-2 days checking several times to make sure the lentils are not completely dry. If they are dry, hand-sprinkle a little water on them.

  5. By the end of the second day, the moong lentils will sprout

  6. Use the fresh sprouts to make salads or simply add them to your sandwiches

  7. Sprouts should be consumed within 2-3 days for best results. Once sprouted, they can be stored in refrigerator.