This delicious vegan parfait is a breeze to whip up, whether you have guests for breakfast or kids hunting for snacks in your pantry; all it takes is five minutes for a tempting sweet treat!

Parfait is simply the layering of yogurt, fruits, and granola. This recipe utilizes creamy vanilla yogurt topped with crunchy nut granola, sweet juicy strawberries, and a touch of chia seeds…heavenly!!  There is no need to add sugar or nut butters as this combination has the perfect amount of sweetness!

The key to this recipe is using the right vegan yogurt and there is no better brand than Kite Hill.  It is one of my favorite vegan brands serving a wide range of yogurts, cream cheeses, and almond ricotta cheese that are tasty, plant-based, and preservative-free.


Prep time:

Servings: 4


4 Kite Hill vanilla yogurts (5.3 oz)

1/2 cup granola (Suggested: Hudson Henry brand; maple and walnut variety)

6-8 strawberries diced

1 tsp chia seeds


1. Open and empty all the four Kite Hill vanilla containers in a bowl.

2. Whisk it until smooth and keep it aside.

3. Take the clean strawberries and dice them. Keep them aside.

4. To assemble, take 4 dessert glasses like shown in the picture.

5. Add the yogurt smoothly until 3/4th way in all 4 dessert bowls.

6. Garnish it with diced strawberries, granola, and chia seeds on top.