Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching the first showing of the documentary, “Eating You Alive.”  In theaters for one day, this excellent film focuses on the extraordinary benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet.  If you enjoyed “Forks Over Knives,” this documentary is a perfect companion as it further expands on FOK’s premise by providing more details and case studies supporting the science of a plant-based diet.
“Eating You Alive” features leading doctors like T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Micheal Greyer, Dr. Doug Lisle, Dr. John McDougall, etc. who explain how chronic diseases develop and how these chronic diseases can be treated/reversed by adopting a whole foods plant-based diet.  The case studies focus on victims of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity who were told they had no other option but to either have surgery, chemotherapy, heavy medication, or simply wait for death.  In each case, the individual opted to go on a strict plant-based diet and within months, their blood-work markers had returned to normal levels and they had reversed their chronic diseases.  Simply amazing!
 My key takeaways from the documentary are:
  • The majority of American physicians do not know much about nutrition (which is the cure for most chronic diseases)
  • Physicians are well-trained in acute care and try to erroneously treat the symptoms of chronic disease in this manner (i.e. surgeries, medications, etc.)
  • The average American diet is loaded with animal and dairy products, white flour, sugar, oils, etc. and this diet is causing chronic diseases, mushrooming health care costs, animal cruelty, and climate change.
The documentary ends with 10 steps the viewer can follow to easily adopt a whole foods, plant-based diet which I found to be highly practical for the many people who will hopefully be inspired to change their diet.  I encourage you to check out “Eating You Alive” – be prepared to be enlightened!